Not really, that was a lie. My attendance to this blog is shockingly bad, especially in comparison to the amount of dumb crap I post on Facebook. In all reality, Facebook is too social for me. I find myself concerned with what people’s reactions to what I post might be, despite the fact that it’s my bloody account and I can post what I damned well like. Social media frequently feels unnavigable or perhaps it’s just me.


So, um yes, back to the neglected blog thingy doodah. I don’t think I actually have anything much of interest to say. Alas I haven’t single-handedly discovered how to travel faster than light, and unicorns haven’t taken up residence in the cupboard under my kitchen sink. I’d love to report that I’ve completed the second draft of my book but it’s still kicking my ass with hobnail boots. I did get myself a Fitbit but that’s as exciting as it gets round here. I shouldn’t complain though, I don’t want to find myself living in interesting times. Again.