I kind of broke it. Nope didn’t watch Quincey’s Quest but I did watch Moondial on Youtube. I don’t even know what made me think about it but last night I found all of the episodes and started watching. I’m pleased to report no destroyed memories. The characters were a touch more middle class blytonesque than I recall but the story was still as intriguing as it was almost 26 years ago. It got me to thinking about other television programmes that really stood out. There was Box of Delights (which, as long as I don’t think about the rewatch, remains magical), the aforementioned Moondial, Earthfasts and Knightmare. With the exception of Knightmare which was an early computer generated RPG set in castle dungeons, all of them feature mystical objects. Hmmm, and what am I writing about? But, it doesn’t stop there. There are also a couple of books which stick out, Rebecca’s World and Giant Under The Snow again featuring magical objects. Rebecca’s World I read when I was in primary school so I suppose that’s where it all began. I remember that after reading it I had to write my own story based upon it which my teacher was so impressed with that I was sent to show the headmaster. He was equally impressed and told me to give it to the school secretary to type up but being too shy I just went back to the classroom. There’s a good possibility I would have still had it had I been brave enough to knock on the secretary’s door as I do have one of my english books from back then. The funniest thing about that english book is a story where a girl gets beaten to death by a ghost wielding a spiked club. I have no idea where the hell that came from and am quite frankly amazed my parents didn’t get called in. I’ve always been fascinated by ghosts but I don’t recall how I learnt about them. I suppose it could have been from a Meg and Mog book although I’m certain there isn’t one about a young girl being bludgeoned to death with a lethal weapon! Giant Under the Snow was one read under the scrutinising tutelage of fag bag Aitken and all I really remember is that it was centred on strange events following the discovery of a centuries old buckle. I know it was very atmospheric, that much has stayed with me over the years even if the details are a little hazy.

Ah, now I remember why I started thinking of old TV programmes. I was considering watching the American version of The Tomorrow People. I don’t recall anything about the original other than the title. I’d put money on it being ruined though.